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Who we are

Smart care tech (SCT), is the story of real human determination and dream, the story of passion, love, and the tendency of goodness for all In this platform we think of breaking the barriers and jump over the difficulties, we think that if you are inventors or entrepreneur, you can find who will give the right track and hold you standing on your feet

The web is a sort of stage and service delivered icon, the core point is to present a cocktail of topics and integrated services.  You can fine news, inspiration stories, a person to support your invention, and a person to consult; we have it all in one place to achieve and focus on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4.71, 2, and 9 towards education for building peaceful and sustainable societies across the world

Conference statement​

Although sustainable development objectives are not legally binding, governments are expected to take ownership and develop national frameworks to achieve them. It is therefore States that bear the primary responsibility for following and reviewing progress, which requires the collection of timely, quality and timely data, with regional follow-up and review based on analyzes at the national level and contributing to global follow-up and review

**In this conference, we call on governments to cooperate with us to achieve the goals of sustainable development and to create a more secure and sustainable environment

**Achieving the vision of 2030 through the critique of free debate and the creation of a global citizenship society and future generations

About the Conference​

Building on the success of  Projects that have been implemented  smart care tech (SCT) And  IFIA And African Union and WIIPA   will organize  (  IISD 2019) to delve into the role of Science and  technologies  Transfer and transform traditional society into a global citizenship society with a conservative culture   to create more peaceful and sustainable societies  , ((  IISD 2019) aims at drawing a blueprint for harnessing pedagogical possibilities opened up by Science and  technologies  , in order to contribute to enabling a revolutionary shift in education from individual content acquisition to collaborative intelligence Creating opportunities for global cooperation in a wide range , And create innovative solutions to achieve food security in developing countries, including Africa  one of these countries, settlement and adoption Industry and innovation in developing countries to create jobs for young people

Conference Objectives

(IIFSD 2019) aims to:

1- Provide a platform for dialogue and capacity building across Technology and Science, digital pedagogy and education stakeholders, including students, teachers and young people;

 2- Showcase and demonstrate pedagogical capabilities and sustainable solutions opened up by Inventions and digital technologies in enabling the society and learners to develop 21st century skills and competencies to shape peaceful and sustainable communities;

3- Critically reflect upon and articulate institutional and ethical implications of embracing digital solutions to globalization challenges and achieving global citizenship

4- Provide a platform to be a positive energy for researchers and inventors in Africa to find opportunities for cooperation among all researchers of the world

  5- Publication of scientific research, invention and scientific articles in scientific journals through the conference which aims to invite the heads of scientific journals to attend the conference

6- Protection of intellectual property rights by world intellectual property, organizations and companies that are interested in innovation and scientific research

7- Creating opportunities for inventors and investors to invest and create a network of communication in order to achieve sustainable development goals 17 and especially goals 1, 2, 4 and 9

The conference is expected to generate the following outputs and follow up measures

**.Declaration on Establishing invention and Innovation Forum for   Sustainable Development (IISD)

**Call for award invention and Innovation for and Sustainable Development (IISD) 

Conference Themes

Theme 1: Impact of innovation on food security

Theme 2: Artificial intelligence (AI) and Information technology IT and Sciences technology

Theme 3 : The impact of inventions on settlement local industry

Theme 4- Entrepreneurs


Theme :1 Impact of innovation on food security

Although the number of undernourished people was fallen in the last 4 decades, but by the

Year 2014 the number starts picking up to reach about 821 by the year 2017. In fact, the

Innovation in the area of food and agriculture in one of the keys element that could help

Reaching a secure and affordable food, for good portion of world’s population. Unfortunately

Third quarters of undernourished people are living in Africa, although the continent is rich in

Term of resource and human capital we believe that through creative inventions and smart solutions the food gape could be filled. Therefore the major theme of this conference is to focus on this issue and present the experts opinions.

We believe that through creative inventions and smart solutions the food gape could be filled. Therefore the major theme of this conference is to focus on this issue and present the experts opinions.

Theme 2- Artificial intelligence (AI) and Information technology IT and Sciences technology

The revolution of AI and information technology has driven the world toward dramatic change in life style and services. This change has impacted every single aspect in our daily life. In Sudan, the last few years have witnessed a very rapid acceleration in the field of IT and AI, where young graduate engineers and IT specialist are coming up with creative solutions and services, which directed toward the community.

In this event, there will be event, in which IT developers will present their products and show case on how their work will positively impact the community, moreover, the program will be also an opportunity of the visitors to understand the role AI and IT, and how this will drive their life in future

Theme -3 The impact of inventions on settlement local industry.

Preface According to the United Nations report on innovation and industry Facts And figures   Africa is suffering greatly in industrial progress

  • Basic infrastructure like roads, information and communication technologies, sanitation, electrical power and water remains scarce in many developing countries
  • 16% of the global population does not have access to mobile broadband networks.
  • For many African countries, particularly the lower-income countries, the existent constraints regarding infrastructure affect firm productivity by around 40 per cent.
  • In developing countries, barely 30 per cent of agricultural production undergoes industrial processing. In high-income countries, 98 per cent is processed. This suggests that there are great opportunities for developing countries in agribusiness.

In this conference we focus on innovations and scientific research that find sustainable solutions in developing countries including Africa.

We seek to settlement local industries and encourage researchers; small or medium size companies to cooperate and engage in industrial processing and manufacturing are the most critical, Creating opportunities for international partnerships

Africa has a huge amount of innovation if it is developed to be able to establish national factories, And create employment opportunities for youth and all society and This has a positive effect that reduces poverty and immigration to other countries

We believe that Africa through creative inventions and research and smart solutions the gape Youth unemployment reduces migration and reduces poverty could be filled

Theme 4- Entrepreneurs and tiring

**On 1 January 2016, work on the 17 sustainable development goals of the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan, adopted by world leaders in September 2015, was formally launched at a historic international summit. Over the next 15 years, taking into account these new goals universally applicable to all, countries will work to mobilize efforts to eradicate poverty in all its forms, combat inequality and address climate change, while ensuring that all are included

Entrepreneurship and training is one of the most important pillars of achieving the SDG1 goal, and the opportunity for young people who have projects and innovations.

Through this conference, we want to achieve the greatest networking between young innovators and investors and create inspiring and innovative youth

Working languages​

The working language of the conference will primarily be English and Arabic