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r. Abdalbasit , Smart Care Tech (SCT) Founder

 1- Introduction 


The INVOSEED Competition is the premier All-African competition, which brings together middle, high school, and university robotics teams to participate in a competition around a challenge based on a real-world topic relevant to science and the sustainable development of Africa. Teams are judged on designs, poster and oral presentations, as well as, Science and technology . The goal of the program is to inspire young Africans while promoting STEM education within the African community. The objectives are to provide:

  • Better understanding of how STEM is used to solve real-world problems
  • Early engagement of young girls and boys in STEM
  • And inspiring young Africans to be science and technology leaders



2. INVOSEED Competition

According to the UN, the world became predominantly urban in the last decade; largely due to the extreme accelerated urbanization process of emerging economies. The development of future modern and smart African cities is essential for the sustained growth of African economies and the well-being of their citizens.  INVOSEED Competition

 challenges African students to devise solutions for the planning, design, management and transformation of future African cities in an increasingly complex urban environment using science and technology: Iota, data science, data visualization & simulation (e.g., Augmented and Virtual Reality), citizen design & cognitive computing, Artificial Intelligence, driverless cars, smart transportation, responsive and reconfigurable architecture, and smart energy.

We have Over 60 member teams and 350 from across 20 African countries (e.g., Tanzania, Mali, Lesotho, Mauritania, Benin, Uganda, Kenya, Botswana, Rwanda, Senegal, Cameroon, Nigeria, Gambia, Niger, Chad, Burundi, South Africa, Soudan, Ivory Coast, Morocco, and Ghana) will take part in INVOSEED Competition . Teams between 4-8 students will choose to compete in one of the following categories: TECH (Middle School), STARS (High School), MAKERS (High School), Researchers and inventors and ENGINEERS (University) Leagues . 

3. Sponsorship Opportunity

The INVOSEED Competition is the STEM education initiatives such as this prepare students for the African continent  a future

in which invention and innovation flourish. Through STEM education, students will be

prepared to enter the workforce of high tech industries such as Telecommunication,

Electronics, Product development and Engineering, software development, Biotechnology,

Material science, Environmental engineering, and many more

INVOSEED  is inviting companies and organizations interested to be part of such an endeavor to become Sponsors of the 2019 INVOSEED Competition . As a sponsor of INVOSEED 2019, you will not only be tapping into an unexploited market, full of potential, but also you will be putting your company/organization at the forefront of organizations championing STEM education in Africa. Your company will also have the opportunity to scout future outstanding interns and employees in the young participants, and develop a pool of loyal customers. Moreover, your company/ organization will be able to advertise and promote their products & services all throughout the program, and also benefit from media coverage from our partners from the Press, as well as enjoy hospitality benefits catered to the needs of your corporation/ organization.

As a Sponsor, you will be enabling STEM education for future generation; your organization

will be recognized as a true difference maker and a guiding light to African children in their

journey to becoming science and engineering leaders of tomorrow. There are various levels


Of  sponsorships your organization can choose from, with different benefits for each level.

Higher contributors in a specific sponsorship level will be eligible for catered special benefits

that would best meet your business goals