20 August، 2018

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founder & Chairman

Abdalbasit Ibrahim

Sudanese inventor and researcher it Is invented 4 patents in the field of soŌware technology, IT ,
Abdalbasit (Bait) Ibrahim is The winner ,(ICAN2017)Canada compotation Gold medal August
2017 for the invenƟon (smart care tech), ,(ICAN2017)Canada Compotation SPECIAL AWARED
August 2017 for the invenƟon (smart care tech), Awared Cyber International Genius Inventor
Fair (CIGIF2017),korea Awared Gold Medal NOVEMBER 12th, 2017 for the invenƟon
(smart care tech) ,reigning United Nations Development Program in Sudan for Youth
Innovation Award( RAIKShNO )(UNDP- Sudan) April 2016 and Sudanese Youth InnovaƟon
Award August 2016.In 2016, basit became the Ambassador of the of the program (RAIKShNO
)For innovation It is a special platform for undp Which aims at spreading the culture of
innovation and encouraging young men and women to innovation ,sustainable solutions for
youth And community.It is studied at the University of Khartoum,Biochemistry.he learned IT
Basit it is Selected one of top 40 Amazing youth of the world by intrnaƟonl youth commiƩee
(IYC) Scholarship to aƩend Transforming EducaƟon Conference for Humanity TECH2017
Basit is a Africa Science Week organizer and Speaker in 7-11 June 2017, and was Selected
one of 100 youth Diplomats Conference(YDC2016) in Ghana 21/october 2016 , was Selected (
RAIKShNO )(UNDP- Sudan)Conference on Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development and
Stability for Youth in 2016 in Alfashir Speaker ,
Visitor researcher to the University of Malaysia Phang UMP, 21 November 2016- 7th
December 2016,Visitor researcher Ethiopian insƟtute of technology and B.G Electric &secuerty
System enterprise (Inventors acƟons) May 2016, earning the standing ovaƟon in all event.
Basit has has forged partnerships With the Union of Blind Sudanese ,Amira grup Services , Next
Einstein Forum (NEF) and more In order Initiative to develop innovation. he has received
special invitations worldwide, speaking at the Rashidi Public Establishment for Textile and
medical supplies in Egypt,Received his invitation
Of the( KAIZEN) FoundaƟon in Qatar For Entrepreneurship in Janury 2017,RAM FoundaƟon for
Sustainable Development in Turkey,CompeƟƟon TISIAS (ican2017), Canada ,youth Diplomats
Conference(YDC2016)and more basit has Sopken and performed Ten countries on official

invitation, personally working with prof .Abdualrhman h nour (University of Malaysia Phang
(UMP)), prof. yoshi/( Toyo University),Dr.ibrahim drieg, Dr. amna Mhmood /ambassador of nxet
Einstein Forum (NEF)and countless others. Through empathy training and Invention workshops,
Basit has reached a vast array of Inventors audiences and Community they need innovative
solutions. basit contributes to an international research and dedicates his time to spreading
understanding through Invention ,Field work and Online Forum , particularly for the cause of
refugees, emigrant, homeless, prisoner and disadvantaged communities the world over.Basit
has a unique ability to spread understanding through Invention , bringing together opposing
views artistically and efficiently creating an environment for peace across the world. he has
been featured by Radio University of Khartoum, Recorded an interview with Voice of America
with With the announcer
Nedia , Global Innovation Forum, Field participation, basit work social work with an
organization(EMDH) has been able to find innovative society solutions in a scientific way like
invention (smar care tech) It is an electronic stick for the blind,He has a unique skill to
linking the problems of a community with scientific research, innovation and finding sustainable
solutions , the dream of basit in In the future he want to raise awareness of innovative thinking
of peace and global citizenship to young people and future generations and protect our plane
Of potential risks,And work to develop scientific research and ensure the continuation of
innovation and new inventions that improve our way of life .And the reason is that Basit
believes that the earth Belongs to us And it must be preserved.