20 August، 2018

2019 Conference Programme

Conference Formats

The main formats of the conference are

Key notes (Plenary, by invitation only)

Catalytic Panels and Debates (by invitation only)

Breakout Sessions (Panel Discussion, Workshop or Paper Presentation)

 Poster and product Exhibitions

 Learning Zone

Main Session

First: High Level Leaders and representatives of participating countries Forum (invitation only) – VIPS

1: Impact of innovation on food security

2: Impact of Artificial intelligence (AI) and Information technology IT and Sciences technology for future of Education

 3: The impact of engineering inventions on settlement local industry

4: Africa that we want to see in 2030

5: The world that we should see in 2030

Sub Sessions

Investor and inventor

Session of the African inventor

Session Intellectual Property Protection Workshop

Session of start-up companies and businessmen

Session Create future leaders

Session Challenges of the young inventor

Session Challenges of the inventor of women

Session How to be inventors

It’s also an opportunity for you to...

– Connect to young leaders worldwide

– Opportunity to find entrepreneurs for your project

– Opportunity to find a partner in your field

– Scientific paper and invention published in international scientific journals
– Meet inspirational professionals and business leaders
– Develop personal skills and capabilities
– Enjoy training from global experts
– Showcase the impact you made
– Earn big rewards for your impact
– Find a leading experienced mentor for you and your team
– Better understand World Merit’s strategy
– Learn about the best practice of how to run a World Merit council
– Develop & strengthen your local and national teams
– Prepare and unveil your 2019 Councils Plan
– Meet and exchange ideas with other Merit councils
– Learn how to measure and report impact


Submit Your Proposal: The application process requires interested individuals to complete and return the Application Form along with their presentations to

EMAIL: IISD@smartcaretech.org