14 August، 2018


Director general

Mr. Mohammed Kamal Hadi Ahmed

Oversee all activities and day-to-day operations in the company by following them continuously and continuously.
Dealing with all employees of the company, and hearing their views and motivating them to participate in meetings to identify the achievements and challenges facing them.

Educational Qualification:

* MSc in Physics (Material Science), (First Class grade), Veer Narmad South Gujarat University
(VNSGU), Science Faculty, Physics Dept., India, July/ 2014- April/ 2016.
* B.Sc. with honor (Top Class) in Physics & Applied Physics, (Second class upper grade), Al Neelain
University –Faculty of Science &Technology – Department of physics, Sudan, September /2007 –
10th September/ 2012.
* High Secondary diploma, Al Muotamar High secondary school –with (Top class)–Sudan –July
/2005 –June/2007.
* IELTS certificate 6.5 overall – April /2017.

Professional Experience:

o September 2017 – currently, Lecturer at University of Medical Science and technology (UMST),
Khartoum – Sudan.

o March 2017 – Currently , Research project co-supervisor 5th year student Al-neelain
University – faculty of science – Physics department, Khartoum Sudan.
o January/ 2014 – July/ 2014.Teaching assistant position at Alzaiem Alazhari University – Physics
department, Northern Khartoum- Sudan.
Duties: Senior supervisor and lab teacher, teaching duties of 1st year class (Electricity and
magnetism, Properties of materials).
o Dec/2012-Septemper /2013.National service, Sudan National Institution of Researches,
Duties: Solar energy unit, lab assistance on solar panel installation and projects
o 1
stSeptember 2012 -27th July2013, Science class teacher, Sudan International Grammar School
Duties: Science and mathematics class teacher for grade 6 students.

International positions:

 22/11/2017 – currently , Next Einstein Forum, Sudan Ambassador:
“NEF Ambassadors are the NEF’s young science and technology champions, one from each
African country. NEF Ambassadors, who are all under 24 years, drive the NEF’s local public
engagement activities while growing their own careers through the NEF’s partnerships that offer
opportunities for mentorship and collaborations with established researchers. ”

Workshops and trainings:

Work shop on the accessibility for persons with disabilities, organized by Japanese
international cooperation agency JICA, Sudan, 31st July- 3

rd August /2017.

Internship at NCL (National Chemical Laboratories) Physical and material Chemistry
division – Dr. Pankaj Poddar research group – (Nanostructures and thermoelectric
materials) – May 2016 – Pune, India.

Research project on Cu3BiS3 thin film by using spin coating technique, under Dr. Vipul
Kheraj (research group at –SVNIT, physics department –India (Dec/2015 – April /2016).

9 days Long work shop “Sudan’s capability on contributing in supporting scientific
researches in space science and solar energy- March 2014.

12 days Long Workshop, 1st Khartoum workshop in advance material science, ICTP
&SESMA (sponsors) 19 -30 January /2013.

Workshop on “how to write a scientific paper” – Al Neelain university- Khartoum – July/
A workshop in teaching skills – international Sudan grammar school – November/ 2012.

Exchange program &training in physics laboratories and instruments, Al Manufia
University, Egypt, one month 1

stJuly – 30th July /2011.


Languages Skills:

Arabic (mother tongue) – fluently English & intermediate French.

Programing & simulation tools:

C++ & FORTRAN, Ubuntu (operating system) (Quantum Espresso – Xmagrce –X crystal), SCAPS (a
Solar Cell Capacitance Simulator).

Scientific instruments and devices:

( X- ray Diffraction ( XRD) , Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy ( FTIR) – PVD thin film
deposition system ,UV spectrometer , liquid Helium cooling system (LHCS), vibrating sample
magnetometer VSM , Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), specific heat capacity measurement
(DSC) , Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (SE).

Conferences &Talks:

World Space Week WSW, organized institution of Space Researches and Aerospace 4 -11
October 2017, Khartoum- Sudan.
 NEF-Sudan Africa Science week, Grand Holiday Villa hotel, Khartoum- Sudan, 7-11 June 2017.
 1
st conference of engineering and applied science, Red sea University, Port Sudan 8-10 March
 4
th annual conference of high studies collage – Neelain university –friendship hall – Khartoum –
Sudan – December 2012.
 2
nd conference of laser, Khartoum – Sudan, June 2011.
 3
rd conference of high studies collage – Neelain University- Khartoum, April 2011.
 4
th conference of cancers researches – Khartoum – Sudan, May 2011.
 Talk (Superconductivity in Cuprat systems doped with MgO), in 1st Khartoum workshop at advance
material science – ICTP &SESMA (Sponsors) Sudan, January 2013.

Invited talk at Sudan Atomic Energy Agency “Superconductors and its applications –January 2013.
 Invited talk at Neelian University, “Superconductors in High doped ceramics, November 2012.
 Invited talk at Sudan University of Science and technology – collage of engineering “Last advanced
researches in superconductors”, December 4014.


A .Al badwi, Mohammed Kamal Hadi, A. G. Al Bhket,” More Tidy Crystalline Structure and
New Optical Phase in (YBa2Cu3O7) Doped with MgO as System of High Critical
Temperature Superconductor (HCTS)”. Journal of Applied and Industrial Sciences, 2015, 3
(3):94- 99, ISSN: 2328-4595.
 Neha Rawal, M. Kamal Hadi, B. P. Modi, Synthesis and Optical Characterization of
Ternary Chalcogenide Cu3BiS3by Spin Coating”, AIP Conference Proceedings 1832,
080083 (2017); doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.4980543.
 “Sudanese Undergraduates Develop a Robotic Rover” Published blog article, Next
Einstein forum Media.
 Mohammed Kamal, Abdulrahman Albadwi, Mahmoud Abaid, Abdelazem Eldouma”
Ethyleneglycol concentration effects in the synthesis of Paraguanajuatite phase Bi2Se3
nanostructure as prepared by hydrothermal method” Submitted article paper to EAI
International Conference on Innovations and Interdisciplinary Solutions for
Underserved Areas, MARCH 24–26, 2018 | KIGALI, RWANDA.


Collaboration invention project for gold medal award, in the 2nd annual 2017 International
Invention Innovation Competition in Canada, iCAN 2017. 26 August 2017 Toronto-Canada.
 First award as best scientific research at the 14th gathering of talented Arab students – 12
country, 50 university, 150 participant–(Saudi Arabia) 2012.
 Minister of higher education prize for the distinguish graduates in natural science for the year
2012, Sudan.
 ICCR award scholarship program for MSc – (India) 2014.

 Patent: “promoting new doped superconducting material”, No: 3351/2012 – (Sudan office).

Research work:

Currently project on BiSe nanostructure, conjugated with Glycoprotein for drug delivery
o .Energy: Chalchognides based materials for solar cells applications, Lithium air Batteries, and
thermoelectric materials.
o Solid state &materials: High Tc Superconductors, Chalchognides based materials for memory and
storage systems, Proviskits structure, and Metal oxide Nano materials.

Additional activates:

Co-organizer and executive manager of NEF- Africa Science week, 7-11 June 2017.
 Co-founder “INVOSEED “website for innovations and promotion – Sudan, (under launching) Jan
 Founder of “Promising Youth” organization – Sudan 2012.
 Member of Sudanese Society of Children Affected By Cancer – Sudan 2011.
 President of Physics Society –Neelain University, Science Collage, 2010 – 2011.

TV and Media spots:

TV interview on winning the price of best research in the 14th gathering of talented Arab students
– Betna program – Sudan TV, December/ 2012.
 TV interview, on how to do excellent research, for the students in the Universities – Blue Nile
Channel TV- New Evening program, December /2012.
 TV interview, on talented Sudanese student – Ashorooq Channel TV – Ashorooq this Morning
program, January /2013.
 Sudanese radio interview, Sundance Ideals program, January/ 2013.
 TV interview, On Africa science Week Sudan, Alalmia TV , June /2017.
 Radio Interview, On Africa science week Sudan, Beladi Radio, June /2017.
 TV interview, on Sundance youth empowerment – Open debates program, Khartoum TV, July

Newspaper appearances:

Al-Gareeda newspaper, Agrass Al-hurria newspaper, Alwan Newspaper, Sudan Vision newspaper.