11 January، 2018

Our team

Our Team

The Smart care tech  team comprises a committed group of professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and competencies. They are all inspired by the same ideals of an inclusive, connected and peaceful future for this world, which have defined the founding vision of the institute.

Sufian Fawzi

IT Manager

An administrative function to implement and develop management plans, in addition to taking care of all network, application and database issues, in addition to working on the complete work of the office to reach the electronic environment.

Abdalbasit Ibrahim

founder & Chairman

Organization of the Organization through the development of general policies and objectives.

Omar Suliman Ishaq

Director of Marketing and Media

Setting the marketing objectives of the institution, and seeking to implement them to ensure the achievement of profits. Develop appropriate plans for all activities related to the promotion of the products of the institution.



Director of the Department of Health Management in FAO


Financial Director

To carry out all financial affairs and financial services, including accounts, revenues and expenses, to guide and coordinate work between them, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of performance in them and to achieve harmony and complementarity among them and to consider all the issues that are mentioned in this regard.

Suhair Ishag Khamis


A doctor in the health administration of the organization

Mr. Mohammed Kamal Hadi Ahmed

Director general

Oversee all activities and day-to-day operations in the company by following them continuously and continuously.
Dealing with all employees of the company, and hearing their views and motivating them to participate in meetings to identify the achievements and challenges facing them.