Wahid Initiative for Invention and Promotion
human being is considered to be the center of appreciation and attention, this because of the vast mental abilities and critical thinking that has. As it being said, the challenges are the essential element of the innovation, which on the other hand, lead us to face the technological problems of our today’s world. Nowadays, if we take a look around, we see that the technology had involved into each aspect of our life, and this had led us to have different responds to the way of how our daily life runs. An insightful argument will tell us that the innovations have vital role and advanced strategic position for the future generations. Under the microscope of this new world we see the innovations  also have a commanding role, that rather give a notice for  every nation to hold on these tools and  pursue the  way for the future.

The program outline:

The initiative is a sort of scientific nest, mainly seeking to encourage those with innovative ideas and entrepreneurship spirit, the program will host these ideas and provide the qualities   and quantitive help that is needed, and this will be associated with partnerships across whole the spectrum of  the scientific researches institutions, nationally and internationally. We aim in the program to use the fruits of the products to stand for the technological challenges, where ever these challenges span ,and whether they are industrial or non-industrial. The program will be focus on providing the laboratorial environment for the entrepreneurs, with the initial privilege of priority for the projects that have electronic, IT, environmental, in addition to the industrial aspects.

Goals & targets:

Encouraging the young minds for the invention and entrepreneurship.
Providing the suitable environment for those whom having advance ideas and active soul.
Participating to support the industrial sector with smart and inventive ideas.
Create a network of partnerships that seeking for the usefulness of scientific research.
Training of youth, women and children in the field of modern technology and advanced scientific research
6-  Create job opportunities and scholarships for young people and inventors

The stages of the plan:

Stage one:

This is the initial glam of the project, and it will include the declaration the program, in addition to, following the legal procedure. This stage will also focus on make the necessary connections for ting in  the partnerships.

Stage two:

This stage will be starting after the completion of the first stage, include setting up the arrangements for constructing the lab and its facilities.

Stage three:

This will trigger the start of the project especially the lab, this stage will continue and steady promoted with the time.

Important points:

The scientific nest acts as a network body to connect those entrepreneurs with the scientific institutions, at the same time there will be a private center for the program.
There will be a consultant committee, the committee will constitute of expertise and high profile personals.
The base of the program stands on constructing the complex of the labs, with initial technical abilities.
Initially the lab’s activates will host the projects that don’t need for high instrumental capabilities and rather don’t take big space.
The priority of the running projects will be directed toward the electronics, IT projects and medical.
The partnerships:

The core point of the program is built up on creating this network of partnerships, to bridge-over and ease the mutual benefits, moreover the intention will relatively lay on looking for  the industrial challenges and probe into them. There are several suggestions for these partnerships:

The center of research and industrial consultancies-Sudan.
University of Bhang- Malaysia – Malaysia
NEF organization science- south Africa
TISIAS- Canada
The field of the scientific projects:

The scope of the fields span on wide range of scientific patterns of researches and topics, meanwhile the criteria of the topics should be coherent, unique and critical. The following is the mean field that will be highly considered:

Science: Material science and nanotechnology, physics of electronics, chemistry, and biology& biotechnology.


Computer design and programming, electronics engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Headlines about the lab and its function:

The main objective of the lab is to provide the suitable environment for the entrepreneurs, to take their ideas a step up, therefore the true theme of the program will be tied around giving the teams the free well of thinking and inventing.
There will be symbolic fees for the membership of the participants in the program, to make sure of their seriousness, but in the same time some exceptional cases will be over looked.
A plan map will be setup for the projects of the entire year, but this wouldn’t close the door on accepting the ideas that pouring along the year.
The lab complex will be a melting pot of collaboration for whole the individual inventors or groups.
There will be a panel of supervisors for the projects within the lab.
The workshops and training lectures will be a regular program for the project participants and also open to the public.
The channel of relation between the inventors and the program will lay on respect the intellectual rights for the products of the inventions; as well the program will seek to find the right partners for the inventions. In the case of the successful products the program will take 20% of the incomes, this to be poured into other projects. This financial profit makes donations to my poor young people, women and children
Initial plan for the lab facilities:

Discussions hall.
Lectures hall+ forum.
Inventions complex (a complex with suitable size, divided into sections for the working groups).
Tools store.

The idea is considered to be highly ambitious work, seeking to integrate the brightest, and the most active minds to do real revolution into the society, we looking for to span our activists to cover whole the possible national and international collaborations.

The manuscript prepared by:

Abdalbasit Ibrahim Adam
inventor  – Sudan. Leaders of smart care tech


Mohammed Kamal Hadi

Material science