Lab Project

Smart Care Tech is a company that integrate the need for smart
solutions to face the present challenges with an approach that look at
the core issues of the world’s communities, and trying to fulfil these
The general theme of the company is technology investment based


Scopes and Projects
Since the foundation of Smart Care Tech 2016 and aside from the business activates of the company, we are taking part into community related activities. This include :  Technology and Science week long activities  Community development  Education support  Startups support


Current projects
 Wahid startups lab for invention This project aims to support the innovative ideas the come from smart minds, in which a full care will be give to the selected projects.
 Edu-Can This project aims to increase the quality of education for primary and secondary schools, specially in the area of technology based education material, more over the project aim also to.  Tech-link This program primarily about linking the education outcomes to the need of industrial sector , in which a gaudiness programs and training are given to the schools and universities.

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