The lab project

Wahid Initiative for Invention and Promotion Introduction: human being is considered to be the center of appreciation and attention, this because of the vast mental abilities and critical thinking that has. As it being said, the challenges are the essential element of the innovation, which on the other hand, lead us to face the technological[…]

Chance To Advance

OUR MISSION ⦁ To spread the access of education and empower the people of Sudan. ⦁ To improve the living conditions of the poor and marginalized in Alhaj Youssef by adopting strategies through community initiative and participation. AcknowledgmentWhy is there a need? Alhaj Youssef is an area that has been overlooked by so many. There[…]

Peace first

Peace First is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young people around the world to become powerful peacemakers by: Investing in their ideas Providing them with tools and skills Connecting them with other awesome young people around the world Sharing their stories and impact with the world Violence is pervasive in our culture and impacts[…]

Lab Project

Introduction Smart Care Tech is a company that integrate the need for smart solutions to face the present challenges with an approach that look at the core issues of the world’s communities, and trying to fulfil these demands. The general theme of the company is technology investment based hub.   Scopes and Projects Since the[…]